An exclusive platform that really delivers tangible value

The HR Executive Circle is unique in terms of concept and philosophy. It creates and maintains an unparalleled level of effectiveness, interaction and networking gained from:

• Exclusivity:

The Circle is only accessible to CHROs and senior HR managers with proven and successful background.

• Objectivity:

The Circle is designed to be a powerful think tank to discuss about HR strategies, human governance and workforce engagement. Academical, theoretical and commercial speeches are strictly banned to ensure our members receive unbiased, road tested insights they can’t find anywhere else.

• Interactivity:

Nothing is more efficient and productive than face-to-face discussions with peers. By minimizing presentation material and facilitating debates of ideas among participants, our sessions are drastically interactive by nature.

• Collaboration:

Our activities are especially designed to foster collaboration and intimate relationship with an elite community, validate your views with peers, ask a specific question to experts, and challenge your ideas with the group.

• Inspiration:

Real-world business cases and practical experience shared -rather than traditional academic and theoretical concepts- make the Circle an exceptional source of inspiration and ideas to refine vision and strategic thinking.

• Advocacy:

The circle supports members to be the permanent advocates of the HR function by underscoring its business impact, economic value, intellectual level and social responsibility.

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