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Building the social enterprise

Why do so few companies capture the full value of social technologies? There’s no doubt organizations have begun to realize significant value from largely external uses of social.Yet internal applications have barely begun to tap their full potential, even though about two-thirds of social’s estimated economic value stems from improved collaboration and communication within enterprises.

Your Company Is Only As Good As Its Human Resources Function

Business leaders charged with growing the enterprise or changing its strategy and culture would be well served to invest more time really getting a handle on their Human Resources function, how it operates and how its influencing enterprise competitiveness.Far too often, it seems, global executives overanalyse the impact of strategic planning, branding and sales when assessing recent financial performance and chronically underanalyse their organisations' ability to attract, develop, motivate and retain the people most responsible for elevating results.

HCM analytics: mapping talent to business predictions

The world of analytics has shifted emphasis over the past two decades – from looking at the past to looking at the future. Organizations that made this shift realized the basic fact that the billions and billions of pieces of information being produced every single day can be used to answer, fairly accurately, what will probably occur at some given point in the future.

Managing the people side of risk

Most executives take managing risk quite seriously, the better to avoid the kinds of crises that can destroy value, ruin reputations, and even bring a company down. Especially in the wake of the global financial crisis, many have strived to put in place more thorough risk-related processes and oversight structures in order to detect and correct fraud, safety breaches, operational errors, and overleveraging long before they become full-blown disasters.

Welcome to talent 4.0

Less hype than Samsung's recently launched Galaxy S4, but I guarantee Talent 4.0 will have a more profound impact on its respective constituency. Bigger, faster, stronger - both of these "next generations" mark an irrevocable progression in the competitive marketplace. With Talent 4.0, corporate America encounters a revitalising perspective as well as a dangerous ultimatum - lead the pack or get trampled underfoot.

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