Founded in 2006, the HR Executive Circle is a private think-tank gathering Belgium’s HR decision-making elite within an exclusive, top-level peer-to-peer environment to share experiences, learn from best practices, and confront opinions on key human capital, social governance, business transformation and corporate leadership challenges.

As the country's foremost and best respected HCM platform, and through a variety of carefully chosen formats, the Circle facilitates lively debates, candid conversations, and learning from real-world cases in an atmosphere of frank and collaborative dialogue. Moreover, the Circle offers dynamic interaction and experience sharing with CHRO peers from other European countries.

The HR Executive Circle also intends to be an inspiring platform to stimulate workforce governance, HR leadership and social responsibility. Furthermore, the Circle plays an active role as an advocacy platform to strengthen the stature and influence of HCM leaders towards Boards, key corporate functions and critical stakeholders. Equally important is our engagement to make the HCM function more focused, more accountable, and better respected.

Driven and chaired by a board made of seasoned CHROs representing a variety of companies and industry sectors, the HR Executive Circle is completely independent from any commercial or academical influence. Meetings are strictly held off-the-record and closed to non-members and the press as well.

Fellow Membership to the Circle is by personal invitation only.

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