The HR Executive Circle’s Antwerp Chapter has been created in 2013 on demand of many CHROs eager to address the specificity of human capital challenges in industrial, logistics and other similar environments while enjoying local programming and networking opportunities.


> Meeting the specificity of workforce management and labour regulation in the industrial and logistics world, where items such as social concertation, compensation & benefits, staffing, diversity management or employer branding, among others, require different approaches and answers than in typical service or governmental environments.

> Addressing the concentration of companies active in the industrial and logistics world while being closer to them. Antwerp has been chosen as it is most centrally located and accessible for the many companies located in the Port of Antwerp, Port of Ghent, and the many industrial zonings located in e.g. Mechelen, Bornem, Zelzate, Herentals, Hasselt, Genk, Bergen op Zoom, etc.

> Delivering content and insights in Dutch to ‘speak’ the language of the HR decision-makers working in the geographic reach of the Antwerp Chapter, and to better answer to their particular requests and daily challenges.

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