Think Tank Sessions
The cornerstone of the Circle, think tank sessions enable high-level debates, lively dialogues and confrontation of views on compelling themes and around practical cases presented by inspirational CHROs.

CHRO Meetings of Minds
Meeting of Minds are aimed at collaboratively exploring particular aspects of HCM practices, either operational or strategic (e.g. strategic workforce planning, HR analytics, performance management, contingent workforce management, etc.).

G50 Forum
The G50 Forum is an ultimate and exclusive forum strictly reserved to the CHROs from the 50 largest employer organizations in Belgium.

CHRO Master Classes
Master classes address leadership themes like the evolving CHRO mandate, CHRO succession planning, CHRO-CFO relationship, etc.

CHRO Advisory Council
The council is a bespoke peer advisory group emphasizing on particular issues -technology adoption, staffing, budgeting…- and best recommendations from a small group of selected peers who are dealing with similar challenges.

HR Leadership Summit
The HR Leadership Summit is Belgium's premier and largest annual CHRO gathering. The summit highlights key HCM thinkers and provocative thought-leaders, puts inspirational CHROs on stage, and examines key emerging trends.

The Circle undertakes regular polls, benchmarks and surveys to identify key CHROs challenges, future areas of investment, and benchmarking with best practices from other companies.

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